We aim to ensure that businesses stay one step ahead of the hacker.

Powered by EOS™ Blockchain technology

We are building a platform that helps companies regardless of their size to have the ability to find and resolve cyber security issues using the power of blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and a decentralised global network of cyber experts.

Every business has cyber security issues.

A cyber attack is launched on a business every 40 seconds with over 758 million malicious cyber attacks occurring in the last year alone.

How can businesses stay protected with the constant number of cyber threats and attacks from hackers aiming to steal data and disrupt a businesses operations?

Introducing Uncloak:
Protecting clients and saving money.

With cyber security, prevention is always better than cure. Uncloak’s innovative platform will report your organisation’s cyber security weaknesses quickly regardless, whether your computers are in the office or on the cloud.[ Read More ] We take cyber security a step further by also highlighting potential future cyber threats to your business all from an easy to use website.

Using Uncloak allows your organisation to make strategic cyber security decisions without paying for expensive cyber security software solutions, trained staff or consultants.

How is Uncloak different to antivirus and current computer protection?

More than software - Empowering organisations to effectively tackle cyber security

Uncloak actually checks all of your computer systems from websites, mobile devices and even your printers using the same techniques that hackers use to exploit a system. Unlike current cyber security platforms that wait until they are able to recognise an intrusion which is often too late.[ Read More ] Uncloak’s blockchain technology allows registered cyber security experts across the globe to collectively seek and solve cyber threats before they reach a business which is unlike any other platform on the market today.

We actually take cyber security one step further by analysing information on the internet to detect and alert organisations of future cyber threats before they reach the users desktop.

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