Our Team

Hugh Chambers

Cyber Security advisor

Hugh Chambers is the CEO of The Cyber Authority, headquartered in London. The Cyber Authority specializes in cyber threat detection, mitigation and remediation. Hugh is an accomplished international business pioneer in the development of innovative and progressive companies across a wide range of disciplines. Hugh has been a senior executive in 40 worldwide companies and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors. Career highlights include being one of the key innovators for the international courier industry, then helping to turn Hong Kong Telecom into a $100m/year EBITDA business over the course of just six months. He then went on to establish a telecommunications company for MIM BV that brought in revenues of $80m/year with operations in 23 time zones. Hugh co-founded Interoute, which stands as the largest telecommunications group in Europe today, having sold to GTT Communications for $2.3 billion (March 2018)